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Sea Freight

Sea Freight

HPI FREIGHT & LOGISTICS PVT LTD is providing reliable ocean freight services on competitive pricing. Ocean freight now-a-days is helping supply chains achieving competitive pricing and at the same time getting faster deliveries due to lesser transit times. Competitive Ocean Freight & Destination Charges. Likewise for Exporters in Pakistan & International Clients, our flexibility to operate Unimodal & Multimodal Services, Buyers’ Consolidation, Container Stuffing in line with Purchase Order & Vendors Supplies/ Production schedules, Shipment Pre-alerts, Freight Arrival Advices, Proof of Deliveries, Carriers’ follow-up Services make us stand above the lot.

  • Our company provides you with the service of FCL (Full Container Load) services. In this service, you can get a full container of all of your goods and they will be transported in the container wherever you want it to be delivered.
  • We also provide the services of LCL (Less Container Load) services. In this, if your goods are not worth the area of a full load container then you will have to choose the option of LCL. In LCL, you will have to share the container


Sea Freight Services Inclusive below

  • Sea Freight – Export Freight
  • Sea Freight – Import Freight
  • Worldwide Services for Door-To-Door Deliveries.
  • Sea Freight Consolidation
  • Seaport Handling and Documentation Services
  • Sea Freight – Custom Brokerage
  • Consultancy for Manifestation and Amendment procedures
  • Sea port handling, Pick-ups of Cargo Ex-Factories and Warehouses
  • Ware Housing & Distribution, Insurance Service & Brokerage,


Container Type
 20ft20ft High Cube40ft40ft High Cube
External (L x W x H) 6090mm x 2440mm x 2590mm 6090mm x 2440mm x 2900mm 12180mm x 2440mm x 2590mm 12180mm x 2440mm x 2900mm
Internal (L x W x H) 6010mm x 2340mm x 2390mm 6010mm x 2340mm x 2690mm 12110mm x 2340mm x 2390mm 12110mm x 2340mm x 2690mm
Door opening (W x H) 2280mm x 2310mm 2280mm x 2580mm 2280mm x 2310mm 2280mm x 2580mm
Tare Weight 2050 kg 2230 kg 3750 kg 3890 kg
Pay Load (Net Weight) 28430 kg 28250 kg 26730 kg 26590 kg
Max Gross Weight 30480 kg 30480 kg 30400 kg 30480 kg

New Build Containers / Smaller Containers


20ft 20ft High Cube 40ft

(L x W x H)

1980mm x 1950mm x 1910mm

2438mm x 2200mm x 2260mm

2991mm x 2438mm x 2591mm

(L x W x H)

1800mm x 1860mm x 1730mm

2275mm x 2106mm x 2050mm

2831mm x 2344mm x 2376mm

Door opening
(W x H)

1850mm x 1690mm

2070mm x 1945mm

2310mm x 2280mm






Dimensions above are to give a basic indication of the size of various shipping containers and storage containers, the dimensions of a container can fluctuate between each unit.

Cut down containers size and weight can differ due to the process to fabricate these units. Container cannot be held to the dimensions above.